[Interview] Karl Mouantri, Managing Director of CCH Tagetik Asia-Pacific

LightARC recently had the chance to have a chat with Karl Mouantri, Managing Director at CCH Tagetik (Asia Pacific), who shared his insights into Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and why Tagetik ‘Get’s’ finance.

Podcast Highlights

00:09    Introduction to Karl Mouantri

00:41    Where does Tagetik fit in the Corporate Performance Management market space?

01:30    What are your customers using Tagetik for?

02:14    How many customers does Tagetik have globally?

03:01    Are there any industries that Tagetik specifically covers or is it a multi-industry platform?

03:45    [Industry specific templates] Would that typically happen in a SAS environment?
               Or would those templates be available in an on-premise/in-house environment as well?

04:23    When you implement a solution, does the use typically stay within the Office of Finance or does it go
               beyond that to other departments as well?

05:35    What does Disclosure Management/Narrative Reporting mean for Tagetik?

07:20    [Narrative reporting capabilities] Would that process typically involve a single person updating that
               detail or would it be a more collaborative approach?

09:15    How many users across an organisation might be involved in the installation/applications that are
               developed from it? How many users would you typically have in an organisation?

10:20    What other types of business use applications are your customers commonly using the Tagetik
               architecture for?

13:00    What are the stand out features of Tagetik?

14:15    From a development point of view, what does Tagetik see as the next wave of activity/collaboration
              that will be undertaken in the industry?

16:00    When do your customers start to realize the true value (beyond their original reason for purchasing the
               product) of a solution like Tagetik?

17:30    In your experience, after an implementation is complete, in which areas do you find the majority of
              support/additional assistance is still required? 

19:15    With the recent acquisition of Tagetik by Wolters Kluwer, what additional value/capability does this
              acquisition bring?

21:25    LightARC’s contribution/role as a trusted partner