We can assist you with any questions or requirements around the implementation and support for the EPICOR SLS EFP (Epicor Financial Planner) product.

Cloud-based, Quick Installation, Self-Provisioning  and Smart Workflow Epicor Financial Planner brings you a revolutionary change in the way you execute your finance processes.

Epicor Financial Planner brings you modern and industry-tested best practices in financial reporting, budgeting & planning, and financial consolidation that allow you to streamline your end to end processes to achieve transparency, faster pace, and improved overall performance.

Epicor Financial Planner connects natively to Epicor ERP, Epicor Enterprise, Epicor iScala, Prophet 21, and other non-Epicor systems.

Easy Access and Workflow Management

  • Easy workflow access management
  • Easy role-access management
  • Easy organizational hierarchy modification
  • Simplified and pragmatic workflow process
  • Collaborative approval process
  • Transparent and well defined task assignments

Multi and Unlimited Support

  • Multi-currencies support
  • Multi-companies support
  • Multi-scenarios support
  • Multi-modules support
  • Unlimited upgrade possibilities

Improved Accuracy and Accountability

  • Self-check mechanisms
  • Transparent Task Tracking and Management
  • No formulas stored in Excel
  • Enforced and Standardized Business Ruless
  • Cause of Change and Commentary Journalism

Strong System integration

  • Integrates natively with all Epicor ERP systems
  • Integrates with non-Epicor ERP systems
  • Connects to legacy line of business systems
  • SIE4 support
  • Excel Load Import Support