Using BI360 to improve your business

BI360’s budgeting module provides your organization with a very flexible, high value-added budgeting, forecasting and modeling solution without the typical long implementation and high software cost of other legacy planning solutions. Because of the user-friendly Excel-based interface, you can quickly adapt a budget model based on your existing Excel sheets; or you can completely re-engineer your process and input form layout based on your organisation’s changing requirements.

Make budgeting easy on Microsoft Excel
Consolidate all budgeting
through one application
Easy to use with predefined
Excel functionality

BI360 Requirements:

That’s it! Our BI360 products all build off Microsoft’s core capabilities and turn your data into information you can use to build the financial viability of your company.

Complete reporting

The BI360 solution provides complete reporting, budgeting, and dashboards along with a pre-configured data warehouse. Because the solution comes with out-of-the-box integrations to many ERP systems as well as pre-built report templates, it takes only a fraction of the time to implement compared to other BI suites. Using BI360, your management team can now help the organisation create a performance-driven corporate culture supported by a world-class business intelligence suite.

  • BI360 is the complete Excel-based Reporting, Planning, and Data Warehouse suite designed for business users.
  • Modules can be bought and used in a mix & match fashion, or as a fully integrated suite.
  • Excel-based, it allows business users to take advantage of existing skill sets to jumpstart use.
  • Pre-built and pre-configured, BI360 takes less time to implement compared to other Business Intelligence (BI) suites.
  • Embedded Accounting Logic with:
  • Pre-built functions (Current Period, YTD, This Period LAST year, rolling periods (+1…+12)
  • Expanding rows/columns (auto-expand across multiple accounts, periods, projects)